Sports is an integral and essential part of the total educational program at the Collegiate American School. The Sports Department aims to nurture and progress the skills of the students in a safe educational sporting environment.

It is important that all involved - athletes, parents, coaches and administrators - act responsibly and cooperatively to ensure the success of the program. Emphasis is placed foremost on participation, cooperation and good sportsmanship, where coaches are teachers and role models for athletes, fostering positive attitudes, teamwork and respect of rules. It is very important that your child commits him/herself to the sport that they are selected for, and we expect him/her to honor that commitment for the full season.

Sports at CAS

This year CAS is participating in the DASSA League (Dubai Affiliated School Sport Association – Secondary and Primary), JEAC League (Junior Emirates Athletic Conference) and IVEI League (Innoventures Education). Every year we have grown and built the sports program, and we can proudly say that we have had some great achievements. To become more successful, athletes are expected to adhere to the sports code of conduct and academic requirements.

Representing a school is a privilege; therefore, commitment is a very important part of students’ development in sports.

Participation in competitive team sports involves a considerable time commitment on the part of the athletes. Practices are held after school or early in the morning, and students selected for a team are expected to participate in all scheduled practices. The faculty is aware of sports schedules and will help students balance their academic program with their sports participation; however, the onus is on the students to advise teachers in a timely manner of their pending absences, to collect homework assignments, to arrange for make-up tests and to borrow class notes from classmates. In general, they need to keep up with all aspects of academic responsibility.

We want all of our students to learn in a happy and caring environment so that they are able to develop all their talents to the fullest.

Parents are always encouraged to attend sporting events at CAS, but it is especially gratifying and encouraging for the team to have parents at away games.

Participation in sports will help building a stronger community for our Sand Cats.

CAS Sand Cats Sport
Sand Cats will be representing CAS in the following sports this year

Season 1: September - December

  • Soccer: Boys (U11, U14 & U18)
  • Soccer: Girls (U11, U14 & U18)
  • Basketball: Boys (U18)
  • Basketball: Girls (U18)
  • Swimming: Elementary and MHS Swim Squads

Season 2: January - March

  • Volleyball: Boys (U14, U16 & U18)
  • Volleyball: Girls (U14 & U18)
  • Basketball: Boys (U11)
  • Basketball: Girls (U11)
  • Track & Field: Elementary and MHS
  • Cross Country: Elementary and MHS
  • Tennis: Elementary and MHS
  • Swimming: Elementary

Season 3: April - June

  • Basketball: Boys (U11 & U14)
  • Basketball: Girls (U11 & U14)
  • Badminton: Elementary and MHS
  • Table Tennis: Elementary and MHS
  • Swimming: Elementary

*Seasons generally follow these dates, however may be extended for play offs/finals.  Make sure to keep up to date on

Sports at CAS

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