The students at Collegiate American School represent more than 80 cultures. Our students are warm and welcoming, coming together as one community of learners. We strive to maintain our core of respect, collaboration, achievement, integrity, and responsibility in ways that embody the attributes of the IB learner profile.

Guided by a rigorous foundation in the American common core standards, many of our students will seek to challenge themselves with International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in high school. Student centered learning with STEM integration has inspired both our middle and high school curriculum. Students design, research and collaborate to deliver inspiring presentations grounded in real life situations.

We are proud of their achievements and appreciate the support of their parents. Students have confidence in their teachers and interact on all levels. They celebrate cultural diversity and promote internationalism and global citizenship.

They are true Sandcats and true to our motto "Children Achieving Success!".


In Middle and High School, students are gaining skills and confidence in chosen areas. Collegiate American School offers a wide range of co curricular activities (CCAs) built into the school day. CCAs include clubs such as Model United Nations and Student Council as well as academic enrichment programs such as the CAS GATEway and Academic Support Centers. Some activities are targeted interest groups like band, Young Enterpreneurs, Robotics, and Debate.

Student Council

Student Council is student-led and projects are all initiated by them. The president of Middle/High School Student is a Grade 10 student.  Meetings are focused on increasing school awareness of Environmental, Athletic, and Philanthropic initiatives in the school and the surrounding community. Student Council is also the “voice of the student body”. 

All members will communicate with their assigned Homerooms and gather information for making recommendations to the administration. The Student Council President will attend monthly meeting with CAS Administration and report back to the student body if & how the CAS Administrative team plans to act on their advice.  Examples of work so far include serving as hostesses at the Back to School Night, Box Appeal (Donations for Laborers) Homeroom Competition, organizing a Halloween Carnival on 29th October.

Model United Nations

Students at Model United Nations is the single best activity for preparing future world leaders. Model UN introduces young people to the world’s biggest problems in peace and security, human rights, and sustainable development — and inspires them to find global solutions. Model UN gives students a chance to learn about different countries, foreign policies, and most importantly to critically think about issues from multiple perspectives and points of view different than their own.

Model UN teaches students much needed 21st century skills. Students learn how to research, write, speak, and negotiate.

Students get the opportunity to lead their peers and organize large-scale conferences. These are skills that colleges look for and that employers value. But most importantly, these are skills that students will use throughout their lives as they grow into positions of leadership. We believe that the students who do MUN today will change the world one day. (Best Delegate)

Eco Club

We, the students at CAS would like to make our school more environmentally friendly by creating an Ecology Club. In order to do that, we would like to make some changes in our school, for example: have separate recycling bins around the school for paper, plastic and general waste.

Our goal is also to educate our peers on how to be more environmentally friendly both at home and school, for example: turning off lights in a room when we are not there. These are our thoughts right now and we hope to generate more ideas once we gather more members of the Ecology Club. We plan to have a weekly lunch meeting every Thursday inviting students from all grades to come and participate.”

Secondary School

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