Teaching in ways that will produce the contributors to the 21st century workforce, the Collegiate American School believes that student access and applications of technology are critical in gaining knowledge. CAS students are engaged in learning through the use of iPads, interactive white boards, laptops and other current technology devices.

No technological device, regardless of value, ability or potential will have a greater effect on pupil learning than great teaching. However, the effective use of technology has the potential to deliver genuinely transformational learning opportunities in terms of teamwork, rapid easy feedback and a personalised pathway. 

The involvement of technology assists in the development of the skills of accessing, searching, analyzing, storing, managing, creating and communicating information.

ICT classes at Collegiate American School integrate technologies from a wide range of industries to supply students with the most up to date and relevant skills. Some of the various projects include the following:

  • Industrial design projects through 3D Modelling software from Autodesk to explore the world of 3D printing.
  • Digital design and sculpting projects through discovering the connection between computing, art and 3D game design.
  • Structured Query Language and Database Management
  • Web Development Languages such as HTML/HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • App Design by AppShed Academy
  • Game Design by Microsoft Kodu
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP), such as Ruby and Python

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