Collegiate American School is committed to delivering personalized learning for all students. We celebrate the diversity of our learners which includes students with a wide range of emotional needs, a wide range of special learning needs, and a wide range of gifts and talents.

Personalized Learning

Our teachers are supported by an Inclusion Team of counselors, support teachers and ELL teachers to ensure that everyone learns at their maximum level. The progress of CAS students  -- no matter their academic level -- is second to none.

CAS offers a variety of personalized programs to achieve personalization:

  • The Reggio-inspired Early Childhood program - ensures students aged 3 to 5 to develop confidence, curiosity, collaboration and critical thinking skills through natural inquiry and investigation;
  • The GATEWay program - ensures academic rigor for students who are learning beyond grade level in a particular subject;
  • The Learning Support program - provides individual educational programs for students with diagnosed learning differences;
  • The ELL (English Language Learners) program - develops the English language proficiency of students;
  • The RTI (Response to Intervention) Program - provides intensive, targeted teaching to students who show gaps in particular skill areas; and
  • The Counseling program - strengthens the emotional and social confidence students need in order to learn effectively.
Personalized Learning

In addition to personalized learning level, CAS students are allowed to pursue their individual passions and pathways in secondary school. Middle and high school students have a choice of elective classes to study subjects of their choice more deeply. CAS high school students are allowed to choose from a variety of pathways which will lead them to earn a diploma and move on to university studies.  The College and Career Counselor guides each student to find the best pathway to a high school diploma. The pathway options include:

  • a US High School diploma
  • an IB Diploma plus a US High School diploma
  • IB Diploma courses plus a US High School diploma
  • an IB Career-Related program plus a US High School diploma

CAS teachers, students and families have a long history of support, tolerance and appreciation for each individual. Every learner has a different personality, cultural background, skillset and language proficiency -- every learner deserves learning designed to raise their understanding.  We are committed to a strong school community and support nurturing for every child in small classes which allow our teachers to cater your children’s needs.

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