The ELL program at CAS is dedicated to optimizing individual learning and potential for students who are learning English for the first time or not yet proficient in English. Students in need of ELL services are either identified through admissions at entrance or by teachers identify and  go through the SST referral process.

  • ELL support is offered to students in grades 1 thru 10.
  • Students meet with ELL staff for instruction through pullout or ELL staff push into classrooms. 
  • Materials and methods are appropriate to the grade, age and language level of each individual student.
  • To develop socially and culturally appropriate communication skills in English Language Arts.
  • To develop academic language for success in the content areas.
  • To take pride in their cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  • WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards and Benchmarks, K-12, to guide instruction and achieve program goals.
  • Standards  aligned with Common Core State Standards.
  • Curriculum that addresses all components of language acquisition (speaking, listening, reading, writing, and structure), and follows the five stages of second language acquisition.

Equitable Access

All English language learners have opportunities for full participation in special opportunity programs (i.e. After School Activities, Middle/High School options, advanced classes, Special Education, etc.).

*There is a policy regarding foreign (French and Spanish) language options for students in the ELL program.

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