Collegiate American School is committed to engaging and supporting all students in learning. This is shown by the counselor's efforts to create a learning environment that promotes student autonomy, interaction, competence and choice.

A school counselor is aware of the diverse needs of students and uses all possible resources including making reasonable accommodations for the student's individual cognitive, physical, emotional and social needs. As an educator, the school counselor believes that every student can learn and grow.

The role of a school counselor consists of many different daily activities. Our job is to work closely with teachers, school administrators and other professionals to provide students with the best possible resources and services.

In addition to individual and group counseling, counselors work closely with the teachers to present classroom guidance lessons that focus on character education, peer relationships, social skills, decision making, care for self and others, problem solving and an understanding for self and others.

One counselor also specializes in the delivery of College and Career Counseling.

School Counselor's Goals:

  • To help students understand themselves and others and their role in the family, community and school.
  • To develop and present preventive counseling programs that stress early detection concerning learning and social adjustment problems.
  • To help children with special needs.
  • To provide crisis intervention when disputes with peers or teachers, personal problems, family difficulties or other situations make a child unhappy.
  • To coordinate or facilitate efforts of others (social workers, psychologists, community agencies, etc.) with those of parents, teachers and administrators.

Counselors Are…

  • When working with a child or a parent, counselors are people:
  • Who really care
  • Who listen
  • Who don't judge or find fault
  • Who see the whole child
  • Who respect differences
  • Who cherish diversity
  • Who believe in confidentiality (except in cases where it must be broken when a child threatens to hurt himself or others or when he tells that he has been hurt or abused)

Who help children deal with Stress:

  • Academic concerns
  • Physical /sexual/emotional abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • Family issues
  • Behavior adjustment
  • Self-esteem and self-worth
  • Anger/conflict management

Elementary Counselor

Priyanka Garg
Phone: 04-4271453

College and Career Counselor

Nedra Brown
Phone: 04-4271446

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