CAS helped shape me into the person I am today.

My name is Joud and I was part of the first ever graduating class of CAS in 2018. I am currently studying Human Rights and Equity Studies at York University in Canada. CAS instilled confidence in me that followed me to Canada and helped me make new friends in university.

CAS also taught me how to become a better leader and gave me a safe space to speak my mind. The school provided me different experiences that prepared me for the real world.

I truly met my second family throughout my years at CAS and I miss all of the tight-knight relationships that I built with my teachers and the students around me. CAS will always be a part of me.

The Matta Family

At CAS, our girls’ personalities bloomed -- they became comfortable & were an active part of their school in the first month!

2018 was our first year at CAS and coming from a French school and system, we couldn’t be happier about this change. From the beginning, we all felt that we fit, blended in like we are part of one big family. The soft, easy access we have to our children’s warm teachers is just amazing. The teachers were so understanding in giving the girls a smooth transition between the French and American system; supporting them throughout. Thank you for the lovely year we had.  We are looking forward to spending many more good years at CAS!

Lindsay - Teacher

I love the diversity of CAS and the supportive families. It’s always a pleasure to see familiar faces each year which makes CAS feel like a family.

Lindsay received her Masters of Arts in Teaching from her hometown Chicago, Illinois and has been in education for twelve years. She moved to Dubai in 2011 and has been teaching Grade 1 classes at CAS since 2013. In 2015 Lindsay repatriated to the USA but shortly after she returned to CAS.  In her own words “I realized I missed the UAE and CAS too much!”

Why does she enjoy CAS so much? Here is her answer:

I love teaching children from multiple nationalities and fostering their global awareness inside the classroom through creative units of learning that I plan with my teaching colleagues.  In Grade 1 at CAS, you will find our students working collaboratively as well as challenged by independent tasks at their unique and individual level. My passion is to connect with each student personally and I believe that with our care, support, trust and respect, CAS students can achieve anything!

The Ziadeh Family

What more do you need for your kids than the feeling of home when they are at school?  At CAS that love and care starts from the security gate and continues up to the principal and superintendent level.

Our kids have been going to CAS School since they were in PreKG, they are now 6 and 7 years old and they still enjoy every day of it. The staff is caring and helpful, parents are supportive and involved, and the kids’ relationships with their classmates and teachers are exceptional.

The interactions between the school and parents is the same. Teachers are amazing, with huge hearts -- they maintain direct dialogue with parents, their doors are open for any questions or concerns we have. They also value and respect our input as parents.

As a family we have felt the continuous improvement of the school since we joined. The management is always working to improve the academics, their staff, and seeking what's best for the students. We are very happy with classes offered, the CAS style of teaching (it energizes rather than exhausts the kids), and the variety of after school activities that they offer.

Our kids are appreciated by their teachers and friends in an atmosphere where all kids are treated equal.

The Balogh Family

We would have never thought that this far away from home, we would view CAS as our second home.

This school provides my children with a friendly environment and excellent teaching.  Both the teachers and the principals lend us a helping hand whenever we need one. I am very happy to be part of CAS with my children.

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