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The IB Diploma Programme is made up of two main components, the core and the six groups.  Students entering the programme must choose one class from each of the six groups shown below with three being taken at the higher level and three at the standard level.

The Six Groups

Group 1 Language A - English Language and Literature (HL or SL) 
Group 2 Language B - Arabic (HL or SL), French Ab initio (SL), Spanish Ab initio (SL)
Group 3 Individuals and Societies - History (HL or SL), Business and Management (HL or SL), Global Politics (HL or SL)
Group 4 Experimental Science - Biology (HL or SL), Chemistry (HL or SL)
Group 5 Mathematics - Math (SL), Math Studies (SL)
Group 6 Electives - Visual Arts (HL or SL) OR a second subject from Group 3 OR a second subject from Group 4

Core Components of the Diploma Programme

a)      The Extended Essay – A 4000 word essay on one of the subjects studied in the IBDP.

b)      Theory of Knowledge – Successfully complete the ToK course of study.

c)       Creativity, Activity and Service – Engage in the IBDP CAS program

Academic Honesty in the IB

General Regulations

Diploma Programme Handbook

Course Descriptions