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How to apply

Online Application Form:

In order to apply for our school you need to complete the application form online at Online Application and to request for a call back for further information please fill the Enquiry Form

You will receive a confirmation reply with the reference number of your application and a second email from our team will follow shortly containing all the details of the admissions procedure.

Documents required:

In order to continue with the next step of our admission process – applicants assessment test, we would ask you to submit your childs latest /previous 2 years of school report/s. For KG students, please submit Nursery report/s if the child has attended nursery. Please note that this is mandatory for all students.

Further documents for submission include:


On enrollment confirmation you need to swipe the Emirates ID of the student and parents at the machines placed at the front desk at the campus in order to register with the KHDA/Regulatory authorities for the approval of your child’s admission with the school that is mandatory by the regulatory authorities of UAE.  Transfer/ Leaving Certificate from previous school's should reflect the system followed and the grade successfully completed /studying in at the previous school.


Upon receiving of the school/nursery records and the rest of the documents available the Admissions Team will contact you to arrange an assessment for your child(ren). Please note that this will be dependent on the availability of places.

PKG, KG1, KG2: Each child will have a pre-admission assessment at CAS to assess the suitability of the school for the child.

Grades 1-12: Eligibility for admission to CAS is by a written/computer  assessment. Previous report cards will also be taken into consideration. Interviews will also be conducted when required.

Assessments abroad can be arranged for applicants currently outside the UAE depending on their Grade.

Assessments take place from 9:00 to 12.00pm Sunday to Wednesday at CAS by appointment only.

There is an AED 500 assessment fee which is non-refundable, however if your child is accepted into CAS this fee will be offset against the first semester fees.


Kindly note evaluation and grade placement will be based on the school/nursery reports and performance in the assessment test. Furthermore, the grade your child will be assessed for will be based on the student’s current grade mentioned in the latest report and the year/grade system followed in the previous school (i.e. 12 or 13 year system) and the KHDA regulations.

Once the Assessment has taken place and we have received the student’s previous 2 years’ school reports the academic team will evaluate the application.

If your child is accepted into the school you will receive an offer of a place from the Admissions Department, you must respond within the given timeframe to secure the place.

If your child is accepted but there are no places available at that time your child will be placed on our waitlist. Should a place become available we will contact you immediately.


All Admissions are conditional to the assessment criteria set by the school. The decision of the school is final.

All necessary documentation must be submitted prior to the start of the school. Failure to do so may result in the application not being approved.

Transfer Certificate:

All students coming from abroad or from another Emirate joining Grade 2 or above at the beginning of the academic year MUST supply the CAS Admissions Office with an Original Transfer Certificate before joining the school.

All students coming from abroad or from another Emirate that join us after the start of the academic year must supply us with an Original Transfer Certificate with a 30 day validity (this includes KG students).

This document is compulsory for registering students with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) that regulates Private Schools within Dubai. Failure to supply the correct documentation, inhibiting this registration process, will lead to steps being taken which may result in non-promotion of the student at the end of the academic year, school reports being withheld and non-issue of any documentation from the school should the student leave. 

What is a Transfer Certificate?

A Transfer Certificate (TC) is not the same as school records, reports or school transcripts.  A TC should clearly state to which grade/year a student is promoted at the end of the year (if enrolling in September), or in which grade/year the student is currently enrolled (if enrolling midyear). Please use the sample provided (see below) to assist your school in composing a TC if they are unfamiliar with the requirements.

Which stamps do I need for my Transfer Certificate?

These are dependent on the location of the school from which the student is transferring and the date of transfer, typically:

North America, West Europe, Australia or New Zealand, North Europe

-  School stamp and signature only

Middle East (except UAE), South & Central America, Asia, former Soviet States, Eastern Europe & Africa

-  School stamp and signature

-  Ministry of Education (in the country of the school’s location)

-  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in the country of the school’s location)

-  UAE Embassy (in the country of the school’s location)

Another Emirate of the UAE

-  School stamp and signature (TC must be in Arabic)

-  Educational Zone of the Emirate

What information must be included on the Transfer Certificate?

-  Full name of the student

-  Nationality of the student

-  Date of Birth of the student

-  Curriculum followed in the previous school

-  12 or 13 year school system (usually indicated by the final year of high school)

-  Last date on which school was attended

-  Current Grade

-  Grade promoted to